Spanish Speaking and Writing Center

SSWC LogoIf you are a student enrolled in Intermediate Spanish 2 or any upper-level course in Spanish, come to the Spanish Speaking and Writing Center to improve your Spanish reading and writing skills! The Center opens on Wednesday, September 7th.

To schedule a videoconference appointment, log into the online schedule here.

The Spanish Speaking and Writing Center is fully online for the Fall 2020 session. Our tutors can meet with you in a videoconference appointment to help you to improve your Spanish skills (speaking, writing, reading) by providing feedback on written assignments, class presentations, oral exams, and reading comprehension. We can also help work with you on improving your confidence in class discussions and your general linguistic and cultural fluency. Please note: our tutors do not "fix" your language; rather, they will work with you to find better ways of expressing your ideas and to teach you how to identify and correct language errors yourself.

The Spanish Speaking, Writing, and Conversation Center is FREE and available for all students enrolled in SPAN:1502 and above.