Writing Center

The Writing Center of the Writing University.

  • The Writing Center assists with all writing projects, including multimedia projects, at any stage of development. Our services are free and available to anyone in the University of Iowa community. Our job is to help you become a better writer, reader and critical thinker. Support our programs by donating here.

    Researchers at the Writing Center are currently inviting undergraduate international students in their third or more year to participate in a study of second language writing development. See here for more information.

    Registration for the 2016 Spring Undergraduate Write In is now open! Sign up for one or two sessions of focused writing and tackle those final papers. Sunday May 1st, 6-8 pm or 8-10 pm. We provide refreshments and a collegial writing environment. Consultations with Writing Center staff available for the last half hour of each session on a first come, first served basis.

    We are now accepting submissions for the Spring 2016 issue of VoicesA celebration of writing done in and around the Writing Center. Have you written something you feel proud of this semester? E-mail it to us at writing-center@uiowa.edu and we'll work with you to make it publication ready! All kinds of writing, from course papers to research abstracts and creative pieces accepted!


Make An Appointment

Registration for the 2016 Spring Undergraduate Write In is now open! Sunday May 1st, from 6 - 8 pm or 8 - 10 pm. 

Use our online schedule to make 30 minute appointments when you need them. Bring any kind of writing, from course papers to creative pieces and multimedia projects. Get help with Spanish writing too! 


Online feedback

Upload your work to our online system and get feedback by email. Allow at least two business days for a response. Submissions must be 15 pages or less.

Weekly Meetings

Registration for the eight week summer session is now open (July 13 - August 5). Meetings will be held M -Th between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Reserve a regular weekly session with one of our staff. 

  • The Writing Center is hosted by the Department of Rhetoric and located in 110 EPB. Services are free and available to all students, faculty and staff. We also advise instructors.


Donate to the Writing Center

Demand for our services always exceeds our capacity. Every semester we have to turn away disappointed students who can't find an available appointment. Support the Writing Center and our programs by donating here.

Graduate Student Programs

Find out about our dissertation writing summer camp, Write-In and Write ON programs, or how you can train to work as a tutor at the Writing Center

Writing Fellows

Information about our very popular Fellows program. Find out about how to become an undergraduate peer tutor, or get a writing fellow assigned to your class.

  • About Us

    The University of Iowa Writing Center was started by Carrie Stanley in 1934, making it one of the first writing centers in the United States. The Center has a long-standing tradition of one-to-one instruction in rhetorical and communication skills. An understanding of how discourse, whether of writing, speaking, reading, or listening, is both purpose and audience-driven has been a hallmark of the Writing Center and its host department, Rhetoric. Get answers to some frequently asked questions, and find out more about our staff and our history. Support Writing Center programs by making a donation here. All contributions are very much appreciated