Graduate Student Programs

Dissertation Camp

REGISTER HERE for the 2024 Dissertation Camp
The 2024 dissertation writing camp runs from Tuesday, May 28 to Friday June 7.  We meet via Zoom from 9 am to 1 pm (Mon-Fri). Each day begins with a short group discussion and ends with a 30-minute presentation focused on dissertation writing, but most of the time is devoted to writing. Participants set daily and weekly writing goals and Writing Center staff are available for consultations.

Write ON program

To join 2024 Spring Write ON program, please email us at

Participants are graduate students or faculty who commit to a minimum of three writing sessions a week and agree to spend the time working on papers, proposals, dissertations, articles, etc. In other words, this is your time, for your own work. Research shows that the most productive and successful faculty are those who set aside time to write every day, and we're pretty sure regular writing will get you through graduate school faster and with less stress too. This program is mostly online. All participants have a page on the Write ON blog to set daily and weekly goals and record their progress, and we also host virtual hang-out-and-write sessions for interested participants. Optional in-person writing sessions may also be offered if there is enough interest.

Please note: The Write ON program is designed to encourage graduate students and faculty to write regularly. It is not a program that teaches writing skills or provides feedback on work. Please use our other services - weekly meetings, appointments as needed, or online feedback - for one-on-one writing assistance.

Interested in working in the Writing Center? Enroll in Teaching in a Writing Center (RHET: 5375). Contact for more information.

Teaching in a Writing Center, Wednesdays 3:30-5:20 PM, Fall 2024

This is a 3 SH seminar / practicum offered every fall and taught by Professor Carol Severino. The primary purpose of this course is to prepare graduate students and faculty to work in the Writing Center at the University of Iowa and/or other institutions. A secondary purpose is to introduce students to some important themes in writing studies. Students read articles, books, handouts, and web pages on the following related issues: reading and writing processes, one-on-one conferencing dynamics, second language writing, basic writing, first- and second-year college writing, writing across the curriculum, and writing center administration. Students keep a weekly journal in which they apply course readings to tutoring their own writing center students. An oral report on a case study of a student writer or on a resource for tutoring writing as well as a final written project are required. For more information and a special permission number, please e-mail Carol Severino at

The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity 

The University of Iowa is an institutional member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, an independent professsional organization that focuses on helping academic scholars and researchers develop regular, productive writing practices. Membership is free for members of the University of Iowa community and open to graduate students.