Standing Weekly Meetings (Enrollment Program)

To request a spot for the eight-week summer session (June 10-Aug 2), please complete the form here

ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN ALLOCATED A SPOT, you can log into the online schedule here to see your appointment or start your videoconference session. If you don't see your appointment, select Weekly Meetings from the Schedules tab at the top or look under "My Appointments."

Students who enroll in this program reserve a standing weekly meeting to work with one of our staff. Sessions are once a week for 50 minutes or twice a week for 25 minutes, Monday to Thursday. In-person and videoconference meeting options available. (Note: Spaces are limited; freshman and undergraduate students receive priority)

Our staff can help you talk through, organize and express your ideas, on paper and in multimodal projects. We teach strategies to tackle any writing or composition challenge. Students can bring any kind of writing project or assignment and can get help at all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to final polishing. 

IN-PERSON appointments are held in 110 English Philosophy Building during the semester and in rooms Red 1110 and 1111 in the Main Library Learning Commons during the summer.

For VIDEO CONFERENCE APPOINTMENTS, log into the online schedule here, open your appointment and click on START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION.

Attendance Policies

Enrolling means that you have reserved a time to meet each week with the same instructor.  You are expected to attend every session whether or not you are working on a piece of writing.  When you don’t have writing to bring, we'll still be able to help you with ideas for assignments, research strategies, and general writing skills.  Please plan to attend all your weekly sessions!  This is our most popular program and we have a long waiting list. If you find that you cannot commit to a meeting every week or become too busy to keep this obligation, please cancel your enrollment to make your spot available for another student.

We have the following policies:

  • If you need to miss a session due to illness, please e-mail us at
  • If you cancel more than three sessions during the semester, we will offer your time to another student.
  • If you are offered a regular weekly meeting, you should NOT also make appointments using our online schedule. Please leave these free for students who do not have a spot in our regular weekly program.