Tuesday, August 1, 2023

On Tuesday, August 8th, 10 am to 12:15 pm

More Writing, More Learning, Less Grading

Quick, But Not Dirty: Using Writing to Learn Without Being Overwhelmed by Grading.
Deirdre Egan, Assistant Director of the UI Writing Center.

How to Teach Structure by Analyzing Writing: From the Gettysburg Address to the Discovery of DNA.
Michelle Scherer, Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director of the Hanson Center for Communication.

Teaching Students to Assess Their Own Writing So You Don't Have To
Carol Severino, Professor of Rhetoric, Director of the UI Writing Center.

Tuesday, August 15th, 10 am to 12:15 pm
New Frontiers in Teaching with Writing

Sharing the Classroom with ChatGPT: Suggestions for Learning and Teaching
Pam Bourjaily, Assoc. Professor of Instruction, Business Communication, Frank Business Communication Center, and Tamar Bernfeld, Center for Teaching.

Assignments for a Digital World: Designing Multimodal Projects for Any Class
Anne Sands, Department of Rhetoric, Director of IDEAL.

11:30 am KEYNOTE: Moving from Courses to Curricula: Departmental Approaches to Relevant Writing Instruction 
Pamela Flash, University of Minnesota, Director of the Writing-Enriched Curriculum Program