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Teaching with writing across the University of Iowa

Spring 2022


Debra TrustyFaculty Spotlight

Debra Trusty, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Lecturer in Classics, aspires for her students to be as engaged with the ancient world as she was as an archaeology and classics student.

Kristi Hendrickson

Podcast Interview

Mike Overholt talks to Kristi Hendrickson about her writing pedagogy, her experience as a first-generation college student, and her collaboration with the Writing Center's Writing Across Campus program.

Jose Cove

Graduate Student Spotlight

Jose Antonio Covo Meisel, 35, born in Colombia, is a writer of science fiction and autobiographical non-fiction, expressionist painter, and the first student in the doctoral program in creative writing in Spanish at the University of Iowa.

Cornelia Lang

Writing in the Sciences

Long before she took on the position of Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Cornelia Lang was thinking about how the University of Iowa could better prepare students to make connections across the disciplines

Erin Johnson

Faculty Assignment Spotlight

Before Erin Johnson started teaching a podcast project in her International Business Environment class, she was never quite satisfied with the conclusion of the course.

Cheyenne McGuire

Student Perspective
Cheyenne McGuire

My writing process happens in phases, which I suspect is true of most people. I have always been a competent writer because I have always loved to read, but the more I enter the writing world the more I learn that I have a lot to learn.




Past Issues

Spring 2021

(See here for a pdf copy and here for a list of instructor resources)

Mary Cohen

Faculty Spotlight

Back in 2008, Professor Mary Cohen was planning to launch the Oakdale Community Choir.          

Camellia Pham

Student Spotlight

I often sit in front of my computer, on my apartment’s Chesterfield or in the common learning room of the library.

Andrew Carlstein

An Interview with Andres Carlstein

“This course combines all my interests and experiences,” says Andres Carlstein.

Frank Durham

The Historical Interview Assignment

One challenge instructors face in integrating writing into multidisciplinary courses is making writing relevant.


Jaron WildeThe Speaking Truth To Power Assignment

A conversation between Carl Follmer and Jaron Wilde, Tippie College of Business.

Maurine Neiman

Writing in the Natural Sciences

Professor Maurine Neiman has a very pragmatic view of writing.

Institute for Teaching with WritingThe Institute for Teaching with Writing

The first Institute for Teaching with Writing took place during the 2020-2021 winter break.                                              

ResearchResearch on Student Writing

The Writing Center is the site of an active research program on student writing.